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 My Thoughts as of Recently...

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Spike Spiegel
Spike Spiegel

DN Username : !(TheOrder)Kakuzu
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PostSubject: My Thoughts as of Recently...   Fri Jun 03, 2016 5:08 pm

Greetings to all reading this, this may come off as sort of a shock to most but I have had a few things I have needed to get on my chest and simply to address what needs to be said about the current inactivity of the staff and myself included. As some may know I recently finished my senior year of High school and currently in the process of enrolling myself into a community college in a few months. Once I finish getting my basics done I will be heading out of Vegas, to attend the University of Reno to study and major in Biology. With the experience/learning from the university I plan to get my associates and later head to the next stage in my career field and go for medical school. For those wondering wondering why I am posting this and telling you what I am wanting to do may not make much of any sense, but I can assure you it has every bit to do with NADA as it does myself.

As NADA approaches its 1st anniversary, many great things were planned in order for the celebration to be a truly a great one, however as most note that due to push backs and constant hiatus's with the gfx, staff changes, and retirements it has become impossible to regain the lost time for the event. Thus to my point and why I am posting this, recently things in my life have been going by extremely fast all to fast for those understanding where I am going with this. I currently am working a 5 day shift with over 40 hours a week under my belt including the preparations for college time for NADA and my dedication to this community I have influenced just isn't there. NADA has been there in times I have needed most a place to help break the cycle of High School and a relaxation/fun place to hang out and meet new people truly it has been fun. As of late the inactivity has truly grown to a shocking 90% half of the former users don't bother to check out the site or even stay around long enough to be considered active. All in good intentions however is completely understandable due to the lack of content on my part. Thus I have come to a few possible solutions, NADA's members and staff have always been its strong part and I hope for it to continue in the course of time. I plan on ending my reign as NADA's leader soon, once I find a worthy successor to running NADA I can't leave this place and not in the current condition it currently is in as of late.

A community such as this deserves better and quite frankly I don't think it is deserving of myself being in charge of it. With that being said my time here at NADA is not yet done, I wish to seek out any and all potential candidates willing to take on the torch and lead NADA into a new age of prosperity. I will continue to watch and do my duties to the fullest with my current work schedule and try to get on as much as I can with all good intentions I hope to find a truly potential candidate for the title of Head Master. Thus my message to the staff and the long time members who have known me truly I wish I could do more for you during this time of the one year anniversary but all I ask is continue to be patient and I can assure you that it won't go without an item of sorts. To the community I ask that you do your best to log in every day, recruit if possible but just logging in every day helps and plays a huge role on the activity. Finally while this isn't my farewell yet I just want to say thank you to any and all that helped create NADA and bring it to the levels of success that it has shown to all academies, truly goes to show that any underdog can rise to greatness with hard work and friends to help out. With that being said until my final farewell.

See You Space Cowboy...
-Spike Spiegel
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Lord Voldemort
Council of Five
Council of Five
Lord Voldemort

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Age : 21
Location : Texas,USA

PostSubject: Re: My Thoughts as of Recently...   Fri Jun 03, 2016 5:28 pm

*crys* well best of luck to you spike

Former Event Manager 1-6-2015
Former Moderator 1-6-2016
Former Administrator 1-6-2017
Retired 1-6-2019

i don't always Kill People,But when i Do its.....AVADA KADAVERA

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Retired Staff

DN Username : Food!
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PostSubject: Re: My Thoughts as of Recently...   Sat Jun 04, 2016 8:37 am

Yikes... You were busier than I thought you were xP Well, i'll be patient for a bit longer I suppose. Though I'm not sure if I'm on enough to say that....
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PostSubject: Re: My Thoughts as of Recently...   

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My Thoughts as of Recently...
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