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 New Teacher on Deck

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DN Username : (BlackFlame)Zenwolf
Posts : 30
Training Points : 400
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Join date : 2016-02-13
Age : 19
Location : USA

PostSubject: New Teacher on Deck   Tue Jul 12, 2016 8:23 am

Hello Ninja Reds! It appears that I am your new teacher unless I am directed elsewhere. I wanted to introduce myself. My name is Mark, and I am enrolled in college at a university in Middle GA, USA. I am an engineering major with a minor in education. I duel with multiple decks, but if I had to choose one, I would choose my Dragon deck, my XYZ turbo deck, or my synchro deck. I love Draining Shield, Number 62, Cyber Dragon, Trap Hole, and Mirror Dragon. I love the defense power in the decks and the multiple ways I can get out my best cards. I love to duel, play games, hang out with my friends, play music, and have a good time in general. I am a Seventh Day Adventist, meaning that I am a Christian that goes to church on Saturdays. I am available most of the time. If you need me and I am not on DN or the DA then you can reach me by email,, or you can text me @ 770-548-4670. If you so choose to message me, give me your username so I know who I am talking to. DO NOT GIVE ME YOUR REAL NAME UNLESS YOU MUST OR FEEL THAT COMFORTABLE. I would like to maintain a semi-professional relationship as a friend and teacher, but I must do my duty as your teacher first. I will help you to become better to the best of my ability but I can't do it without you. Thank you.
(By the way, your first assignment is to introduce yourself and tell me a little bit about yourself. Also , tell me your favorite deck and top 5 cards that you use. Explain why you love/like this deck and those cards.)
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Retired Staff

DN Username : Food!
Posts : 189
Training Points : 323
Reputation : 3
Join date : 2015-12-21
Age : 18
Location : U.S.

PostSubject: Re: New Teacher on Deck   Sat Jul 16, 2016 11:26 pm

Well... Im not a part of Ninja Red, but i'd like to congratulate you on becoming a teacher. So congratulations xD And Ill play along. I dont play much anymore so my apologies if my explanations are lacking in any way.

My name is Alex. Currently 16, nearing 17. Gonna be a senior in highschool in about a week. I like to play a myriad of games from rpgs, shooters, platformers, and of course card games(Too obvious?). I waste most of my time playing various games, most of which are from one of these genres. I also enjoy being outside and moving around, so i enjoy bike rides, hiking, swimming, climbing, or just running on streets. Unfortunately(get ready for a fun fact), it gets really awkward(not weird right?) running around streets so the only time i ever do that is if its some time around 12 AM in the morning or so e.e I also enjoy collecting stuff. And its kinda funny because collecting the best/rare equipment has, on multiple occasions, become the sole motivation in me continuing to play a game. I'll completely disregard things such as plot development and game play and just focus solely on getting that rare item. Mainly because i get a weird satisfaction from seeing my character fully decked out in epic equipment. :3 As for physical traits... I'm a 6'4 Caucasian male... Ehh... And I apparently have really beautiful eyes XD Onto yugioh stuff!
Favorite deck is most probably Madolche. Keep in mind though that I like many, many decks and enjoy using deck mixes. At first I only used the deck because i liked the art of the cards. Later on i faced someone who was somewhat knowledgeable about the game who used the deck, and realized, in my nooby little mind, that the deck was much better than i gave it credit for. After that i made many variations and i can say with certainty that it is the deck i have spliced into others the most with. From madolche artifacts to fukn madolche heiratics  and madolche toons(before the toon support came), i went through much trial and error with the deck. Unfortunately, only about 1/20 of these mixes actually worked well xD It is definitely the deck i am most familiar with in the game. So onto my top 5 fav cards of archetype.

First would be Mewfeuille. Its a (dangerously)cute cat that actually gets things done. Mew is absolutely essential for basically every decent madolche combo, and that doesnt change even when you splice in 1 or 5 archetypes and change it from madolche combo to wtf is this combo, so long as your playing dolches to their strengths. Seriously, not kidding here.
Second is Madolche Queen(My profile pic). Need I even discuss why the art is awesome? ;D Then her effect is absolutely top tier when combined with the madolche spells. With condition of having at least one madolche card in grave to activate, upon resolving, you shuffle up to two cards opponent controls into deck without declaring any targets. So the opponent cant chain cards to save the specific card you target but needs to chain at activation and choose which they want to save, practically guaranteeing your effect will be going through on at least one target since you just shuffle to deck whatever they didnt save. By itself this is only a nice effect, but with both chateau and ticket? Turns into a +5 play where you make opponent go -2, add both madolche cards in grave to hand, and summon madolche through ticket(or add to hand but usually no reason not to summon). Then through the standard combo you immediately search one of those spells. So its REALLY easy to pull off..
Third is Anjelly. Where to start? Cute angelic-ish food princess. So art gets a thumbs up. And then her effect. Literally the only reason madolches can still be considered decent in the current formats. She allows one turn combos for madolche queen without any prior set up. And even is anjelly only by herself is a +2 unless you get stopped by some troll trap card.
Fourth is Magileine. Cute witch that searches for other madolche monsters on normal summon. Definitely useful, but i basically dont use her anymore as i had to keep making my deck go faster and didnt have any normal summons to 'waste' e.e But if your trying to make a build that actually works against the newest crap konami throws at us, she is a great card to have. So yeah. Again, like previous one, like due to art and general relevance to the game.
Unfortunately dont really have a fifth fav since everything at this point is pretty much tied.
I bet you skipped most of this ;P Sorry for making it long.
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DN Username : (BlackFlame)Zenwolf
Posts : 30
Training Points : 400
Reputation : 0
Join date : 2016-02-13
Age : 19
Location : USA

PostSubject: Re: New Teacher on Deck   Wed Jul 20, 2016 11:47 am

Nice to meet you.
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DN Username : {Kokugatsu}Biohazard
Posts : 4
Training Points : 0
Reputation : 0
Join date : 2016-06-16
Age : 23
Location : Neo-Dimino city

PostSubject: Re: New Teacher on Deck   Thu Jul 21, 2016 2:08 am

Ahola, it is I Gandora the dragon of destruction. And I have been chosen unto the White of Dragon

Frist of all, i have been playing this game over well over 12 years (pre-yata) and processed to do so under the fact i still love this game.

Secound, my Top deck would be Kozmo for meta, Evilswarm for anti meta and dragunity to mess around with.(Though i have been known to run many decks)

Lastly, my Top cards of all time would be.

1) Solemn Judgement - due to the fact is overall power to flip a whole game on its head if played right however punish player how do not play there cards right.

2) Red-eyes darkness metal dragon- due to the otk power and the fact it feeds some of my favorite decks of all time being D Dragons and My Dragunitys of course.

3) Nercoface due to the nutty decks that it made in 2007. (air blade and nercoface mill)

4) Dad for the reason DaD vs Ls format is what got me in the competitive side of yugioh. (2008)

5) The Frist Boss Monster I have ever gotten will always be in my top 5 relinquished for his over power and power to nuke that kabia deck so hard.
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PostSubject: Re: New Teacher on Deck   

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New Teacher on Deck
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