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 Trajix's teacher application

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DN Username : Trajix
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PostSubject: Trajix's teacher application   Thu Feb 11, 2016 5:59 pm

Application for Teacher:

1. Why you wish to be a Teacher?

1A: Why I wish to become a teacher is that I thoroughly enjoy watching other duelists grow to the point where they are better than me. Seeing others struggle at the game in the beginning only to become a good player in the end is truly the only thing that motivates me for this job.

2. Qualities for Applying.

2A: I am a extremely casual and helpful person. I have the patience and the knowledge of the game of Yu-Gi-Oh to help people boost their own potential. I am a easy-going and a fun loving person to the point I can relate to nearly everyone on some level or another.

3. How active are you?

3A: My daily work schedule normally goes as follows. Fri-Sat 6:30 A.M to 2:30 P.M Pacific time. Sun-Tues 8:30 A.M to 4:30 P.M Pacific time. Wed-Thurs I am off work but me posting lessons through my phone will be much more active than my current chat presence.

4. Upon applying for Teacher you must create a mock lesson to show off what you can teach.

4A: EX lesson 1: Basic Deck construction. In the game of Yu-Gi-Oh two players, or duelists, face off against each other in a turn based card game where one player tries to beat the other player by draining the other players Life Points (LP). Well in order for you to play Yu-Gi-Oh you first must make a deck. In order to make a deck you first must understand the three basic kinds of cards to make a deck. You have three cards that go into your main deck. Monsters, Spells, and traps. Ideally a good deck is a combination of the three. Now lets break down into what is what. Monsters: Monsters are your go to for almost everything. Simply put monsters are what you need to attack your opponent and win the game. Monsters can also defend you from taking massive amounts of damage. Spells: Spells are cards that can help turn the tide of battle at a moments notice. Such cards like Raigeki and Mystical Space Typhoon can be such game changers where one minute you can be losing to the next minute you have the advantage. Traps: Trap cards are also cards that can help you out of a tough situation and make a comeback. These cards have to set in order for you to use them. Many trap cards exist for many different situations. Mirror Force for example can destroy all of the opponents monsters in ATK position when a opponents monster declares a attack. But not all trap cards are like that. Bottomless Trap Hole is used when a monster with 1500 or more ATK is summoned onto the field. Bottomless then is able to banish the monster.

Now that you are somewhat familiar with the three basic types of cards in Yu-Gi-Oh the lesson for the day will have you building a new deck from scratch and win 5 duels with that said deck. Picture proof must be available for the wins that you achieve with the deck. Completion of this lesson will award you with 50 TP. Failure to complete this lesson will result in a inability to participate in future events.

Now best of luck to all of yall doing this lesson and have fun Very Happy.

5. What Lessons/Homework would you be offering to the academy?

5A: Any lessons that I find appropriate according to the dorm that I am teaching.

6. Which dorm will you be teaching?

6A: Preferably the lower the better. But I would teach White Dragon at the least.

7. Any previous staff history?

7A: Former teacher at Ghiski Duel Academy (GDA).

8. Upon applying you will have to a mock duel with an Admin are you prepared to do this?

8A: Absolutely.

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DN Username : Magers39
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PostSubject: Re: Trajix's teacher application   Thu Feb 11, 2016 6:17 pm

You seem very qualified and have a great mock lesson

Welcome, you are now the new Yellow Dorm Teacher Very Happy

Application Approved.

Topic Locked.
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PostSubject: Re: Trajix's teacher application   

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Trajix's teacher application
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