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 Lesson #2: Problem Solving Card Text (P.S.C.T), Conjunctions and missing the timing.

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PostSubject: Lesson #2: Problem Solving Card Text (P.S.C.T), Conjunctions and missing the timing.   Mon Feb 22, 2016 9:00 pm

Howdy yall and welcome back to yet another week of lessons Very Happy now for this lesson we are gonna delve a little deeper into Problem Solving Card Text but this time talk about conjunctions and there use in the world of Yu-Gi-Oh along with missing the timing and can a card miss its timing.


To kick things off we should all know that a conjunction is a word used to connect clauses or sentences or to coordinate words in the same clause.

However in Yu-Gi-Oh conjunctions are usually a word or a phrase used to show timing and connectivity in effects with multiple parts.

Back in 2012 Konami introduced conjunctions into the card game to also help determine the effs and what they do and what goes off where easier. They're four key conjunction words used in Yu-Gi-Oh.


Lets start of with the easiest one "AND IF YOU DO". An eff that has an AND IF YOU DO in the eff then that shows that you must do the first part of the eff in order to do the second part. If for some reason you cant do part one then are not able to do part two of the eff. However if for some reason you can do part one of the eff but not part two then the eff of part one still resolves.

Next we will discuss AND. If a two part eff has the word AND in it then you must do both parts of the eff in order for the card to resolve. If you cant do both parts of the eff then the card does not resolve.

Next we will discuss ALSO. With ALSO in the two part eff it basically means just do as much as you can. In other words you can do part one of the eff without doing part two of the eff. You can also do part two of the eff without doing part one. With ALSO in the card text the effs dont affect each other. One doesnt need the to resolve.

Despite how different these three conjunctions are. They all have one thing in common. The timing. In all three cases with these conjunctions both parts of the eff are considered to happen at the same time. This is what separates from the forth conjunction. THEN.

Effs that use the conjunction THEN work basically the same as AND IF YOU DO effs except for the timing. The parts in THEN effs happen in a sequence. First you do part one of a two part eff and if you do THEN you can do part two. Now this is something to keep a eye out for for these kinds of effects can cause other effs to miss there timing.

Missing The Timing

Missing the timing is something that can happen with optional trigger effs and with the word WHEN.

WHEN signifies that a eff can only be activate directly after something specific happens. Case and point Torrential Tribute. Torrential Tribute states "When a monster(s) is Summoned: Destroy all monsters on the field." This means it can only be activated right after a summon. If a player attempts to activate Torrential at any other point then it is considered an illegal activation. There timing is wrong.

Lets make a example. Lets say you have have a Book of Life in your hand. Your opponent has a Torrential Tribute set. You play Book of Life and follow through with its eff. Your opponent cannot activate Torrential Tribute because the last you did was not summon a monster with Book of Life. But banished an opponents monster. Torrential can only be activated directly after a summon.

Please note that you can only do this with the word THEN. ALSO, AND, AND IF YOU DO are not excluded from this because the effs happen at the same time. Thus allowing Torrential to activate.

To help break this down a little lets make two charts of what can miss timing and what cant miss timing.

Can miss timing

Optional effs that
start with WHEN.

Cant miss the timing

Mandatory effs

Effs that start with "if"

Well that wraps it up with this weeks lesson. Now lets get crackin on the homework Very Happy

This weeks homework will require you to find 12 total cards, 3 for each of the four main conjunctions, and to point out the conjunctions in the card and to describe what that conjunctions role is for that card eff.

Next I wish for yall to give me 3 instances in where a card misses its timing. For the chance of no freebies Torrential Tribute and Book of Life cannot be used.

Please post yalls assignment down in the bottom. Upon completion you will be rewarded 80 TP.

Failure to do this assignment will result in the inability to participate in future events hosted by NADA.

If yall have any questions please feel free to contact me. But along with that please have fun and best of luck to yall Very Happy
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Lesson #2: Problem Solving Card Text (P.S.C.T), Conjunctions and missing the timing.
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