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 Inferno's Staff Application (Tester)

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Milk and Cookies!

DN Username : Milk and Cookies!
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PostSubject: Inferno's Staff Application (Tester)   Sun Mar 06, 2016 3:55 pm

1. Why you wish to be a Tester?
I have noticed that this place doesn't have many testers, and is lacking in that area(in my perspective, if that may be wrong in your opinion, I apologize). I also wish to help NADA as much as I can by recruiting more people and testing them and really help this place grow in MASS PRODUCTION. I would also like to add a level of difficulty in dorm placement. I also feel as if a tester is an academy's back bone. Without them, all the Mods and Admins have to go out of their way in their and stop their required jobs and test a new student. While, if there was a tester, all the Admin has to do is notice the Testers & Testees Test Results and they can just place them according to that. I also love to see new players advantages and weaknesses and show them how they can improve to be a better duelist.

2. Qualties for Applying?
I have the knowledge and experience to guide testees in the path, dorm/rank, that best suite their dueling skills. I am also the Co-Owner of a YU-GI-OH club in my City of Calgary, and test people to see if they are worthy to be let in and place in in their groups for tournaments,etc. I have past experiences with being a tester for my disbanded clan on Dn (Alpha), which helped me gain KNOWLEDGE of testing others to see their current skill level of the game.

3. How active are you?
I am very active on DN. I play about 2-4 hours a day(School days) and a lot more when I have no school, I am unfortunately unavailable Fridays after school till 6:00 pm due to my YU-GI-OH Club. During weekends I can't really give a specific time but I can guarantee I am available for a minimum of 2 hours each day.

4. Upon applying Testers will have to be put through a mock duel where a staff member acts as the testee and you must point out any said mistakes.
Okay, I am ready for that mock duel. 1 vs. 1 ME!

5. As tester you will be required to test students as priority are you prepared to do this task?
I understand that the role of a tester is to have a Match with a new academy member, testee, and judge their dueling skills and to evaluate how they use those skills to win a match of YU-GI-OH. They score the testee based off of different categories of that Match Test and place them in the appropriate dorm/rank. And that is my priority before anything else on NADA/DN unless asked to do another task by a higher ranking Staff Member.

6. Any previous staff history?
I was a teacher/tester at a previous Duel Academy that got disbanned cause the owner had some personal conflicts with his parents and ended up moving away from them, and couln't afford putting time into Duel Academy with Collage and personal Problems. But Yeah! I have some experience with Teaching/Testing other into dorm placement depending on their level of skill.

7. Decks you would use for testing?
I would personally use decks that really make your opponent struggle with and bring out their true reactions to the duel and how well they can handle the situations. For Exampe- Black wings, Gladiator Beasts, X-sabers, Raid raptors, Machina Gadgets, Six Samurai, Blue-eyes/Red-eyes. Basically decks that unique and aren't seeing play in the current meta list, that will really force my opponent duelist to either adapt to the situation and learn quickly on how to counter them and learn ways to gain control over the field.

8. Upon applying for this position you will be required to battle a current tester active in the department, are you prepared to do this?

Inferno reporting for DUTY!
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Boss Brejo
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DN Username : (Solaire) Boss Brej
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PostSubject: Re: Inferno's Staff Application (Tester)   Sun Mar 06, 2016 4:16 pm

Inferno is a creative duelist and would love to have him as a tester. Approved pending test
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Boss Brejo
Retired Staff

DN Username : (Solaire) Boss Brej
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PostSubject: Re: Inferno's Staff Application (Tester)   Sun Mar 06, 2016 5:14 pm

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Spike Spiegel

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PostSubject: Re: Inferno's Staff Application (Tester)   Sun Mar 06, 2016 5:22 pm

Topic Locked
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PostSubject: Re: Inferno's Staff Application (Tester)   

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Inferno's Staff Application (Tester)
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