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 Complex Forumotion Review/Site rating

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Spike Spiegel
Spike Spiegel

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Complex Forumotion Review/Site rating  Empty
PostSubject: Complex Forumotion Review/Site rating    Complex Forumotion Review/Site rating  EmptySun Mar 13, 2016 3:08 pm

Hello staff and students recently our forum was graded by forumotion directly and overall we received generally good scores. Overall I hope to see our forum improve in the future so we can push to get that 10/10. For your viewing pleasure heres what they had to say.
Complex Forumotion Review/Site rating  Yfr11
Ninja Art Duel Academy

Complex Forumotion Review/Site rating  Sq110First ImpressionsComplex Forumotion Review/Site rating  R810_z10

  • Your forum looks great. The blue and the black work really well for your forum. The banner looks really nice and I like how a lot of your images on the index use the same font and style. It makes your forum look more professional. The colors and images used for the sub-forum images look really nice and all match together which makes your forum even more appealing.

Complex Forumotion Review/Site rating  Sq210General Forum Appearance Complex Forumotion Review/Site rating  R710_z10

  • The general appearance of your forum is good but some things stand out. For example, your navigation bar icons look like they do not belong. The design is different even though the colors slightly work well with the theme, you may want new navigation bar icons to mix better.

    Moving down, the category text is hard to see as well as "Topics", "Posts", and "Last Posts". It may be a good idea to change the text color to black there or change something so that the text is easier to read. In addition, the text under the sub-forum icons is hard to read. It displays the groups that can moderate the forum and the admin text is very hard to make out due to the effects; you can hide that feature in the Administration Panel if you'd like, it may look better.

    The red text color on the Menu and Announcement on index doesn't go well with the forum. It does make it stand out and easier to notice but it may look better if it matched the same blue you use a lot of times. If you'd like to not use blue, maybe a color that is closer to blue instead of red, like green?

    Most of the topic icons look nice and work well with the forum theme. The Global Announcement icon is still default and looks a little weird due to the white around it. It may look better if you changed it so it looks more like the Sticky icon or Announcement icon you have set.

Complex Forumotion Review/Site rating  Sq110Forum ActivityComplex Forumotion Review/Site rating  R810_z10

  • The forum activity seems to be good but certain aspects are lacking. I see that many people log in everyday but not many of your members post a lot each day. To increase activity you can add more forum games in the off topic section and that will increase the amount of posts if many contribute. You can also add more contests or tournaments of some kind if you aren't already. You can also create a promotional topic in the Forum Promotion section here and it will attract users that are interested in your subject to your forum and they may register and be active. If you check some examples of active promotional topics you can get a good understanding of how it works and how they work.

Complex Forumotion Review/Site rating  Sq210Staff & UsergroupsComplex Forumotion Review/Site rating  R810_z10

  • Your usergroups' colors for the main part look fine. Some of the usergroups colors are hard to read like "Retired Staff" and "Teachers" so it may be better if they were changed to a brighter color. When I took a look at the group descriptions I noticed some descriptions were very short and not so informative, mostly for the Founder, Admin, and Moderator groups. The founder usergroup just says "The owner" and the moderator usergroup just states that they moderate the Chatbox, but according to the sub-forum moderators, they also moderate the forum section. An example of a good usergroup description could be, "Their job is to moderate all throughout the forum and make sure the rules are being respected and followed. They can also provide assistance to any concerns or questions regarding the forum." that is an example I just made, it is clear, concise, informative, and not too long.

Complex Forumotion Review/Site rating  Sq110Forum OriginalityComplex Forumotion Review/Site rating  R910_z10

  • Your forums seems to be original, you have many icons that are not default and custom sub-forum icons that I can tell. I feel like I have seem those navigation bar icons before but I could be mistaken. The blue and black theme is common and looks nice, but your forum is still original and looks very nice.

Complex Forumotion Review/Site rating  Sq210Forum Layout & OrganizationComplex Forumotion Review/Site rating  R810_z10

  • You don't have too many forums which is good. Having less forums is good because it is easier to get to know the place and learn where everything is and navigate. There are different display styles in the Administration Panel you might want to look into to further expand on organization. You can divide specific sub-forums in to categories that best fit with. An example is this support forum, the support sections are located in the support section/category and the miscellaneous sub-forums are located in the Miscellaneous category. This will make it easier for new members to navigate snd it may make your forum more appealing as well. To modify to appearance, you can follow these steps if you do not know already:

    Administration Panel > Display > Structure & hierarchy

Complex Forumotion Review/Site rating  Sq110Grammar & SpellingComplex Forumotion Review/Site rating  R910_z10

  • There were no spelling errors that I could find except in the forum description. The "J" is capitalized after the comma. You also may want to change the period to an exclamation mark.

Average Review Score: 8/10Sticker Points: Complex Forumotion Review/Site rating  10011

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Boss Brejo
Retired Staff
Boss Brejo

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Complex Forumotion Review/Site rating  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Complex Forumotion Review/Site rating    Complex Forumotion Review/Site rating  EmptySun Mar 13, 2016 3:39 pm

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Complex Forumotion Review/Site rating
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