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 NADA's Honorary Staff Team/Former Staff *Please Read*

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Spike Spiegel
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PostSubject: NADA's Honorary Staff Team/Former Staff *Please Read*   Sun Mar 06, 2016 7:03 pm

Just would like to take the time to give you guys the history/formation of our staff team here at NADA. In the short time since NADA's formation many staff members have come and gone, which is why I wish to acknowledge those who have come and gone by acknowledging them with this list. Getting to the point I introduce both new and old staff to you all.

Admin History/Academy History:

June 6, 2015 NADA is Founded/First Admin Team is formed:
Tsukune Aono and Suicune's help to open NADA's doors.
Suicune is named the 1st admin as well as Tsukune Aono being named 2nd.

Suicune's is forced to retire early on, soon to be succeeded by Tatsumi Incursio a week later, Tatsumi is named the 3rd Admin in NADA's History.

Tsukune Aono creates the first ever GFX of NADA, doors open on June 7, 2015

Tsukune Aono is forced to retire from admin and demoted to GFX artist for the Academy, he retires as 2nd admin of NADA.

Junko Enoshima/Mar is promoted from Moderator and Succeeds Tsukune Aono, Junko is named the 4th Admin in NADA's history.

The Big Three Era/Age of Academies:

Gishiki Duel Academy, Volcanics Duel Academy, and Ninja Art Duel Academy is recognized as one of the top Academies in July 2015.

Tatsumi Incursio retires as Admin and leaves NADA, Later to be succeeded by BlackHartsSentret.

BlackHartsSentret is promoted from Moderator and named the 5th Admin in NADA's History.

NADA's GFX is given a rework in August 2015, Indra begins/completes GFX 2.0 and is later promoted to Admin. Indra becomes the 6th Admin of all time.

The Big 3 Era/Age of Academies comes to a close:
Gishiki Duel Academy and Volcanics closes down.

Sosuke Aizen/Sun King Solaris join the admin team on September 2015 and becomes the first head of the Coding Department. Sosuke is named the 7th Admin of All time.

Later that month Sun King Solaris retires from NADA to pursue different goals.

September 2015/2nd Admin Team:

Junko Enoshima, Indra, BlackhartsSentret, and Myself

Junko Enoshima/Mar leaves the Admin team to pursue different goals on October 2015.

NADA closes its doors on October 11, 2015 this marks the first and only closing of NADA.

NADA is subsequently revived on December 4, 2015 after a 2 month closing period.

Junko Enoshima and BlackhartsSentret return to form the 3rd Admin Team.

BlasterDark88 begins work on GFX 3.0 *Current* and completed that same week. BlasterDark88 succeeds Indra.

Magers39 is promoted from Moderator after showing dedication/effort to the reopening of the Academy to Admin.

Pain Painter becomes the 2nd head of the coding department and succeeds Sosuke Aizen.

Magers39, BlasterDark88, and Pain Painter are promoted to Admin position 1 week after the opening of NADA and become part of the Newly formed council.

BlasterDark88 becomes the 8th named Admin at NADA

Magers39 becomes the 9th named Admin at NADA

Pain Painter becomes the 10th named Admin at NADA

The Council is Born on December 29, 2015

3rd Admin Team is Born:
Spike Spiegel - Council Head Master/Security and Punishment
Junko Enoshima - Head of Testing
BlackhartsSentret: - Head of Events/Wars
Magers39 - Head of Teaching
BlasterDark88 - Head of Graphics/GFX
Pain Painter - Head of Coding

Junko Enoshima Retires his position as Admin and is recognized as the longest returning admin at NADA in Early January 2016.

Pain Painter Retires his role as Head of Coding and Admin in early January 2016.

BlackhartsSentret stages a coup in destroying NADA and is later dishonorably discharged, NADA is later restored that week.

NADA is later reformed, both BlasterDark88 and Magers39 stay to help reform the 4th Admin Team.

Long time member Boss Brejo succeeds Junko Enoshima and becomes Head of Testers. Brejo becomes the 11th named admin in NADA's history.

Ozpin is later promoted from moderator to admin and succeeds BlackhartsSentret in Head of Events/War's. Rouge is named the 12th admin in NADA's History.

Sun King Solaris otherwise known as Pericles/Legionheart returns to NADA as head coding and succeeds Pain Painter. Legionheart is recognized as the 7th admin of all time.

The 4th Admin Team is born:
Spike Spiegel - Council Head Master/Security and Punishment
Magers39 - Head of Teaching
BlasterDark88 - Head of Graphics/GFX
Boss Brejo - Head of Testing
Ozpin - Head of Events/Wars
Legionheart - Head of Coding/Technician Department

Magers39 resigns from NADA on good intentions after 3 months of hard work and determination to NADA's history, he retires as 9th admin of NADA.

BlasterDark88 is forced to retire but is recognized for his work here at NADA. Vinyl Scratch aka Tsukune Aono returns/succeeds BlasterDark88 as the 2nd Head of Graphics/GFX department. Vinyl is recognized still as the 2nd Admin in NADA's history.

The Main 3 is Established:
The current and most active academies are recognized as of April 18th 2016. Duel Academy, Magical Arts Duel Academy, and Ninja Art Duel Academy.

Trajix returns to NADA and later applies for admin, he succeeds Magers39 and becomes the 2nd Head of Teaching, Trajix is the 13th named admin of NADA's History.

The 5th Admin Team is born:
Spike Spiegel - Council Head Master/Security and Punishment
Trajix - Head of Teaching
Vinyl Scratch - Head of Graphics/GFX
Boss Brejo - Head of Testing
Ozpin - Head of Events/Wars
Legionheart - Head of Coding/Technician Department

Trajix is dishonorably discharged...
*Former 13th Admin of NADA*

Legionheart resigns as former Head of Coding and leaves NADA on good intentions, he retires as the 7th admin in NADA's history.

Chojiro Tokumatsu is recognized for his teaching abilities and activity here at NADA, he soon succeeds Trajix and becomes the 3rd head of the Teaching department. Chojiro Tokumatsu is the 14th Admin of NADA's history.

Boss Brejo is honorably discharged from Admin, he leaves NADA as the 2nd Head of Testers and Resigns as 11th named Admin of all time.

Magers39 is promoted to Admin and succeeds Boss Brejo and becomes the 3rd Head of the Testers Department.

The Council Ceases control over NADA after 5 teams the 1st Generation of Leadership officially comes to an end 12/22/16

Spike Spiegel turns leadership over to Kaname Tōsen and becomes 2nd in command of NADA. Kaname is now recognized as the 2nd leader in NADA's History.

Comments from the 1st Leader: All good things must come to end it was an amazing run and I was proud to be apart of the structure and building of NADA. Now that my reign is over I will be in the shadows watching for nothing but the success of this place now under the reign of Kaname. Until we meet again for the next one guys farewell.

See You Space Cowboy...
You're Gonna Carry That Weight...

Spike's Farewell 12/22/16

Ninja Arts status as of March 6, 2016:
NADA has been recognized as being one of the top duel academies in the current generation. Because of that I would like to thank everyone who contributed to the formation, opening, and time they helped dedicated into making this place. NADA wouldn't be here without you guys and I thank each and everyone one of you who have stuck around here for this long.

Moderator History:
The history of Moderators is just as long and extensive as the Admins history and if I were to explain each and every detail I would be here all day so the best way for me to do this is to list all past and present Moderators for now, if I forgot anyone please let me know.

Past Moderators:
Junko Enoshima
Protecteur Rouge
Tatsumi Incursio
Kuruto Rukuro

Lord Orochimaru
Vinyl Scratch
Lil Ampharos
Kaname Tōsen
Lord Voldemort
Current Moderators:

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NADA's Honorary Staff Team/Former Staff *Please Read*
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