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 Root's Admin Application

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Lord Voldemort
Council of Five
Council of Five
Lord Voldemort

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Root's Admin Application Empty
PostSubject: Root's Admin Application   Root's Admin Application EmptyThu Dec 22, 2016 8:35 pm

1. Why you wish to be a Admin.

I Wish to prove my self even more,to help out as much as possible but also to help this academy flourish....this place is the first in awhile for me that makes it feel friendly and at home i wish for this to continue, i do wish to bring nada back to its former glory.

2. Any Previous Admin/Founder experience?

EDA:Head Admin
LDA(LegendaryDa):Head Admin/Mod
DFA:Admin(Events Department)

3. Have you read over the NADA Rules/Guidelines and understand the rules entirely?

Yes i Have Read Over the rules Entirely and Understand them To A "T"

4. How active are you?

Pretty Active +4hrs a day,sometimes more, also when needed if someone requests me to get on....

5. Any Previous Coding/GFX experience, if so provide some examples?

I can Do Glow Codeing,Thats About it,I'm also a novice At GFX.

6. Any previous staff history?
EDA:Head Admin/Teacher
LDA(LegendaryDa):Head Admin/Mod/Teacher

7. What can you do for the academy as an Admin?
I Can Do Rules Very Well if a member asks i probably know the answer if i don't i can find out.I can help manage the site in general,track ips,make sure all members (staff included) Follow the rules,im also in training to become a lv1 konami judge.

8. As admin you're required to have a higher standard here on the forum are you prepared for this commitment?

i am always prepared and am willing to commit to this standard.

9. Do you feel you're trust worthy

I Feel Trustworthy but i recognize that trust must be earned, not just by other staff but members as well.

11. As Admin you will be tasked with the responsibility to participate in weekly meetings and be able to contact the other admins thus Skype meetings will be necessary, are you prepared to devote time to meetings?

I Am Prepared to do so,even if i must get up at 2am.

12. To insure we can get into contact a Skype interview will be necessary are you prepared to do this:Yes I Am Ready to do this.

13. Finally as Admin what are you prepared to offer to the table as far as academy organization goes, will you be able to take charge in a certain department? examples: Testing, Recruiting, Security, Graphics?

I Would Wish Security,testing,recuriting or codeing or teaching

Thanks for Reading my Application And Have A Good Day

Signed, Root

Former Event Manager 1-6-2015
Former Moderator 1-6-2016
Former Administrator 1-6-2017
Retired 1-6-2019

i don't always Kill People,But when i Do its.....AVADA KADAVERA

Root's Admin Application Tumblr10
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Dark Knight
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Dark Knight

DN Username : {Oblivion} Bane
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Root's Admin Application Empty
PostSubject: Re: Root's Admin Application   Root's Admin Application EmptyThu Dec 22, 2016 9:19 pm

you do have the potential and i trust you can handle this position rite now i need a tight security team and you are very good at enforcing the rules and im going to also give you a chance for this position. and being head in charge of my Future moderator team. so as of Now you got my permission

Dont make me regret this

Application Approved
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Root's Admin Application
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